Arch. Burke on the “Catholic” Ordination of Women

burkeb.jpgQuick update: Archbishop Burke has published some thoughtful guidance with respect to the supposed “Catholic” ordinations of women. Some highlights:

The attempted ordination is a violation of what is most sacred to us in the Church, one of the sacraments.

It imperils the eternal salvation of the women seeking the attempted ordination and the woman, claiming to be a Roman Catholic bishop, who proposes to attempt the ordination.

It generates confusion among the faithful and others who are not Catholic regarding an infallible teaching of the Catholic faith.

The hosting of the attempted ordination by the Central Reform Congregation constitutes a grave violation of the mutual respect which should mark the relationship between the Jewish faith and the Roman Catholic faith.

… the teaching involved is universal and constant, that is, it is not just “current” or subject to change.

I hope that my reflections will lead you to pray for the conversion of heart of the women involved, for the sake of their eternal salvation and for the sake of the many whom they will lead into confusion about the Church’s teaching and practice. Prayer can accomplish more than we ever imagine, and the present situation needs the help of many prayers.

Yes indeed … we must never lose sight of the value of prayer, nor what is truly at stake here.

Thank you Archbishop Burke for the clear teaching!

Arch. Burke on the “Catholic” Ordination of Women

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