bella Still Moving Up …

Some good news on the bella front this week:


With a jump to 456 venues across the country, Bella again took in more than one million in sales and saw an increase of 18.9 percent in ticket revenue.

That jump allowed Bella to move up five places and come in at twelfth overall among all movies over the weekend.

That showing could be enough for Roadside Attractions, the film’s distributor, to ship the movie to theaters nationwide.

In total, Bella has earned $5,153,000 in ticket sales in four weeks at the box office and it has consistently been one of the leading films in per-theater sales.

BellaImg_13.jpg Fr. Dwight Longnecker has some interesting observations on this movie:

Bella is a success. The film makers have created a great little movie that tells a human story with humor, quiet passion and genuine integrity. Never “inyerface” with it’s message, it shows ordinary people coping with the question of an unwanted pregnancy with practical realism, compassion and honesty.

Spoken much better than my own thoughts! Anyhow, go see this movie and spread the word … it’s a perfect movie to set the tone for a meaningful Advent and Christmas season.

bella Still Moving Up …

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