Advent Is Coming, Advent Is Coming!

fra angelico - the annunciation.jpgWith the first Sunday of Advent being just a few days away, I guess you could say this is … well, the advent of Advent!

If you look it up, advent means the “beginning of something new”. In Christianity, Advent is the season for looking to the coming of the Christ, the intervention of the immutable God in time and space.

Our time and space, still present and active today.

In the spirit of getting ready for the coming of our Lord, I wanted to put together a few of the zillions of good resources out there for celebrating a meaningful Advent this year … so for you and your family, here goes!

A Few Resources

I am including just a few resources that, I hope, will perhaps be helpful. In particular,

I’ll leave you with a few words from Arch. Burke’s exhortation (above).

Our Lord gives us the Season of Advent to open our eyes anew to His Coming at Christmas, His Coming in the Church, and His Coming on the Last Day. He gives us the Season of Advent to inspire and strengthen our hearts to welcome Him with love and to remain in His company always, until we are perfectly with Him forever in Heaven.

May the Season of Advent be strong in grace for you, filling you with wonder and gratitude before the mystery of God’s unceasing and immeasurably great love of you in Jesus Christ.

I hope that your Advent rocks!

Advent Is Coming, Advent Is Coming!

2 thoughts on “Advent Is Coming, Advent Is Coming!

  1. bob says:

    Thank you, Br. Pius for letting us know. May God bless you and your community for and in all that you do to spread the Good News & to encourage his church!


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