The Golden Compass – Warning Warning Warning

Check out these quotes:

“My books are about killing God.”
“I am all for the death of God.”
“I’m trying to undermine the basis of Christian belief.”

Sound like the sort of thing you want your kids to read? Suppose that these books become movies – what then?

Sadly, these are not hypothetical questions. In fact, these are quotes from Philip Pullman, the author of the His Dark Materials trilogy.

Sneak Attack Tomorrow


Tomorrow night (December 7, 2007) marks the opening salvo of the latest campaign to promote atheism, The Golden Compass. This big-budget movie will be made with all the skill that Hollywood can muster, and like the Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia benefits greatly from a skilled British author crafting the underlying story.

Sadly for all Christians, and particularly troubling for Catholics, that is where the similarities abruptly end.

I’m going to mention just a few lowlights:

Satan is a heroic rebel

Pullman’s really big bad guys are known as “The Magisterium”, which in real life is simply the teaching authority of the Church.

Pullman’s God is a decrepit old fraud, whom the kids accidentally kill (in the third book)

Why care at this time? Simple – it’s all slick, well-produced, and targeted right at the heart of kids and adults the world over. While the first movie has been toned a bit (a slick, sneaky move), many who see the movie will buy the books (it’s already happening – check the resources below), and if the first movie sells well the subsequent movies will also be made (remember, the kids “kill God” in the third book).

Make no mistake about it, the author detests Catholicism in particular and all of Christianity in general, and clearly hopes to undermine faith in as many people as possible.

Some Resources

I’ll update this list periodically as new material is released.

Call to Action

Do your homework, open your eyes, protect those close to you, and spread the word.

This is a slick, well-crafted attack on our families from many fronts – movies, books, toys, buzz, etc. – the whole cultural milieu.

It is up to each of us to care enough to do our part … and the stakes are high, so very high.

Vivo Cristo Rey!

The Golden Compass – Warning Warning Warning

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