Golden Compass Crashing!

Hadn’t heard about The Golden Compass for some time, so out of curiosity I looked up the current box office results.

Presentation1.jpgProbably only two numbers need much attention:

  • Total to date: $65,664,496
  • Production Budget: $180,000,000

With last weekend’s numbers less than $3M, this turkey looks pretty solidly dead at the box office.


Hopefully this means that 1) the sequels won’t be made and 2) the publishers who were betting on a big bump in sales for the His Dark Materials franchise are very unhappy with the financial ramifications of that decision right now.

In checking this out I found two funny posts (unless your a New Line shareholder) by Ray Fowler:

The Golden Compass vs. Narnia and

The Golden Compass vs. Alvin and the Chipmunks

The current results for Alvin and pals is

  • Total to date: $176,283,861
  • Production Budget $60,000,000

So Mr. Pullman was smoked by a few animated rodents.

Parting Caution

Of course, while the apparent demise of the films as a franchise at this time is great news, prior to all this the books themselves had already sold quite a bit. And in all of the publicity run-up to the movie release, they did pick up new distribution partners.

Scholastic Books, in particular, pushed His Dark Materials pretty hard to elementary and middle schools all across the country, including (ironically enough) parochial schools.

So ongoing caution and clear, simple straightforward education about what these books really propose will remain in order indefinitely. As always, truth is on our side.

In any case I think this is a clear example of how prayer, action, and education have paid off well. Of course, it helps when the filmmakers make a boring flick as well!

Golden Compass Crashing!

5 thoughts on “Golden Compass Crashing!

  1. Andrew Ryan says:

    Worldwide boxoffice of Golden Compass is now $362,300,963.
    …And it’s still playing in Japan. It did less well in America than the rest of the world, but it hardly ‘crashed’.

    Meanwhile, the success story of the books continue. Quality always gets through – those books will be delighting children and adults, and people of all religious denominations for decades to come.

    The Chipmunks movie (starring a prominent Scientologist no less) has already been forgotton.

  2. bob says:

    Thanks for your comments. While GC did do better overseas than it did in the US, it’s dissapointing financials were widely blamed for the demise of New Line Cinema … hardly boding well for the future sequels.

    You’ve raised a couple of interesting issues that I’ll address at more length in an upcoming post.

    God bless,


  3. Jenn says:

    Do you really think that looking at God from a different perspective is such a bad thing. You would pray that a book/movie do badly which is not inherently anti-Christian, it is more like it focus’ on another standpoint (an not Satans or anything like that) its actually I believe a stream of Jewish mysticism and something psudo-Hindu/Bhudist)

    Would you condemn a fantasy movie about some Hindu deity?

    Anyways… I am Christian, I grew up going to church and in a Catholic school, I went to University and studied religion. Yet I can still find some way to enjoy this book for its literary and intellectual value without judging it for its Christian orthodoxy.


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