48,000,000 and Counting

Thirty-five years ago today we legalized abortion on demand in the United States. Since then approximately 48,000,000 people have been aborted.


and counting …

more than 4,000 more each and every day.

There is Hope

Even in the face of this onslaught, there are some truly beautiful moments.

  • All over the country places like Our Lady’s Inn and Birthright are sheltering women and their children, who are often dealing with the consequences of “crisis pregnancies”.
  • Hundreds of thousands of people are participating in prayer and political rallies all across the country, including today in Washington DC, last Saturday in San Francisco, and many other places. (I’ll post soon on an awesome prayer walk led by Archbishop Burke in St. Louis last Saturday)
  • People are standing up to be counted. Great organizations like Priests for Life and the Silent No More Awareness Campaign are teaching all of us more about the real costs of abortion, and what can be done to help.
  • Hope, forgiveness, healing and peace are being offered to post-abortive women and men by awesome groups like Project Rachel and Rachel’s VIneyard.

The cost has been brutal, but the tide is turning. Remember, we know who wins in the end – it’s simply our job to make that victory present in this time and this place.

48,000,000 and Counting

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