Lent Starts Tomorrow – Wow!

As you may well know Lent starts tomorrow (2/6). Here’s a little trivia fact: Lent won’t start this early again for another 152 years!

We are so very blessed to have Lent upon us already.

Sound crazy? Not at all … Lent is a beautiful time to enter more deeply into the mystery of God’s love for us.

There are so many possibilities for going deeper this Lent – participating more often in the Eucharist and reconciliation, pondering Scripture, adoration, rosaries, stations of the cross, performing acts of mercy, encouraging the discouraged, even listening to Catholic podcasts, radio or television instead of that same old content – the important thing is to pick some specific actions and do them (early and often!).

Why not stretch this year? Reach for that spiritual progress that may seem a bit out of reach … and if you stumble and don’t quite make it, that’s ok – God will provide the grace to get back up.

First up: Ash Wednesday.

First and foremost we have Mass … and of course it’s both a day to give up meat and a day for fasting. Those are the minimums. But let’s go farther – much farther.

Ask God what he might be calling you to do this Lent … then listen for His answer and most importantly … act!

Lent Starts Tomorrow – Wow!

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