Tim Staples: First Talk

When he encountered Sgt. Matt Dula, found out that he was Catholic, he started with the “call no man father” and went in very aggressively (you can pretty much tell this from his personality … let’s charitably say that he is not shy!).

Sgt. Dula’s response was “Amen, I believe that just as it’s written. But remember that there’s more than one verse in the Bible …”. Where he was going was that all scripture must be read and understood in the analogy of the faith (the whole of the faith).

Context is everything. Used the example of “put the kitty on the table”.

Sgt. Dula came back with Eph 6:1-3, “Honor your father and mother”. How did that happen. Was God confused?”.


Then came back with Luke 16:24 “Father Abraham”. Then Acts 7:1-2. 1 Corinthians 4:14-15.

What bugged Tim the most was that Dula would always take Staple’s Bible out of his hands and beat him with it.

Then Dula finished Eph 3:14 … First time that Staple’s knew that a Catholic was right. This verse says “give thanks to the Father, from whom all fatherhood comes. A play on words … patera / patria. Kind of like Matthew 16:18?

Good fatherhood participates in the Fatherhood of God, bad fatherhood usurps the Fatherhood of God.


Staples never let Dula know that he’d made a point. He started firehosing with every other objection that he could think of.

Well that set him on a path of reading the Catechism of Trent and the Early Church Fathers.

At Jimmy Swaggart Bible College he ended up defending the Catholic Church, to the point where the college brought in AndrĂ©s Carrodeguas, a former Catholic priest and faculty member to straighten him out. One big bogus point that gets thrown at Catholics all the time: The Council of Valencia in 1229 approved Pelagianism … didn’t happen, could never have happened because Valencia was Moorish at that time.


Staples left that meeting knowing that he wasn’t Protestant any more, but he most definitely didn’t want to become Catholic. He struggled in this no-man’s land for some time, until in desperation one night he asked Mary for her help … and what sounds like basically a mystical moment he knew that he knew that he knew.

The faith had travelled from his head to his heart, and he was on his way home.


Tim Staples: First Talk

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