Tim Staples Live in St. Louis


Today Carol & I are attending a mini-Lenten “retreat” (really a set of four talks) by Tim Staples, Catholic apologist who came home from Pentacostalism (he was an Assembly of God youth minister).

I’ll post a couple of times throughout the talks.

Tim has one of the funniest names for his conversion story, Jimmy Swaggart Made Me Catholic . How awesome is that?

Funny first line … talking about how East Timor went from 90% Muslim to majority Catholic, he said that “… you don’t hear that on the Clinton News Network … oops, I meant CNN”.

Now there’s hundreds of thousands of converts in Indonesia … remember that’s where the penalty for conversion is death. DEATH.

This first talk is starting off great!

Since 1999 there have been more than 1,000 Protestant pastors coming into the church, signed Christological accords with the Assyrian Church and the former Nestorians (one of the earliest heresies), and so very much more.

More as the day progresses …

Tim Staples Live in St. Louis

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