1st Talk – Hector Molina on Spiritual Combat

After cool introductions and welcomes by both Bishop Hermann and Richard Lane (the MC), a couple of interesting videos were played. The most interesting was from a group that is new to me, CatholicsComeHome. They look really interesting – let’s check them out later.

Then a great witness by Chip Awalt, a local Catholic. His story was so much like so many of us.


Then came the first talk is by Hector Molina. Hector is the Director of the New Evangelization for the Archdiocese of St. Louis, a post recently created by Arch. Burke in response to the call of pope John Paul 2.

Hector’s talk focused on spiritual warfare … in fact, he says that Christianity can only be properly understood through the lens of war, through the reality of spiritual combat.

We are at war … Wake Up!

All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God … the wage of sin is death.

One of the greatest victories of Satan has been to convince the world that he does not exist.

64% of Catholics say that the devil does not exist, that he is only a symbol of evil.

Wake up and smell the corpses, wake up and smell the corrupted and rotting souls that Satan has corrupted. This means war.

We contend with Satan, the world, and our own flesh.

Cardinal Medina Estebes (sp?), when asked up this declining belief, … “the existence of the devil is an article of the faith … whoever says that the devil does not exist is no longer a believer”.

JP2 … “He who does not believe in the devil does not believe in the Gospel”.

That is, of course, why Jesus came, died, and rose again!

From Genesis 3 to Revelations 20 … the devil is throughout Scriptures. Rev 12: 7 – 9. Starts with the original war, then goes on to describe Satan’s warfare on the Blessed Mother and the rest of his offspring (Rev 12: 17) … those who keep the Commandments. We are targeted for extermination.

No devil in hell is going to take their inheritance from my family, from my children.

Game on … Ephesians 6: 10 – 18.

JP2 … “spiritual combat is another element of life that needs to be taught anew and proposed once more to all Christians today. It is a secret and interior art. An invisible struggle in which we engage every day, against the temptations and evil suggestions that the devil implants into our heart.”

CCC 409 … “the whole of man’s history has been the history of dour combat with evil … man has to struggle on this battlefield to do what is right …”

This is the church militant. (us!). Have you enlisted?

How to win?

1 Peter 5:8. Be sober, be vigilant, be watchful, the enemy is prowling. He does this through sin – the devil’s work.

Sin is not obeying the Father of lights, but the father of lies.

Satan uses sin to entice us to kill ourselves … as in how Eskimos kill wolves.

How to win? Repent and seek holiness, through the sacraments and the Church, through transformation in Christ.

Real men submit their lives to the commander and chief, who takes us and molds us, reshapes us into his image.

The handiwork of the devil is explicit before our eyes … fifty million babies have been killed because we men have been asleep on our watch … Ammendment 2 passed because men like us were daydreaming while Satan invaded our territory.

Winning the war takes saints … we must become saints.

Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect, be holy as I am holy.

Be a real man.

The current problem – we don’t want this holiness, somewhere deep down inside. This must change.

St. Augustine – “The God who created you without your permission is the God who can not save you without your permission”.

What’s this transformation going to cost us? Everything.

It’s worth it.

We want to be able to say, when the day is done … “I have fought the good fight, I have kept the faith, I have run the race”, so that we can hear those blessed words, “well done good and faithful servant, come into your Father’s house”.


1st Talk – Hector Molina on Spiritual Combat

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