2nd Talk – Deacon Alex Jones (mostly) on Reconcilliation


Deacon Alex Jones came into the the Catholic Church about ten years ago.

His whole testimony is told in the book No Price Too High .

Pope Paul VI … “our generation today does not need teachers, it needs witnesses”.

His own little corner of the world was blown apart by seeing the One, Holy, Catholic, & Apostolic Church.

There are now more than 50 men’s conferences in the U.S. This is a work of the Holy Spirit, calling us back home, to reconciliation, to full life.

The Lord says “Come”. We say “… but you don’t really know me …”, and he says “Oh I know you, but come anyway!”.

When men pray, great things happen.

We bring a unique, unbending, aggressive strength. That is why Satan attacks us and diminishes our lives though sexual addiction and perversion of every kind.

To be countercultural, to stand up for belief, is a sign of strength, it takes courage.

Look at the beginning of Exodus, when Pharaoh took away the boy children to weaken the race. God overcame that, of course.

God has given us a Spirit of power … all we need to is say “yes”.

A Loving Father

Reconciliation must always be seen in relationship to a loving Father, who loves us beyond our wildest dreams.

God knows our thoughts, every hair on our head, but His hand is stretched out still – he calls us home.

Sin is the impediment to our relationship with the Father. Sin binds, it confuses, it hinders the divine light from shining through.

Sin is an inhibition against freedom. We’re not free because we feel dirty, because we’re just not clean.

Deacon Jones first really understood this when he went through deep trials with his son, who fell into street life, moved out into a crack house. Even though his son had rejected him, he never stopped loving him, wanting him to be back, loving him as his son. Eventually he went to the crack house and brought him back.

Then Deacon Jones understood the love of God. If you who are evil know how to give your sons what is good, ...

Think of how Jesus handled the crowd wanting to stone the prostitute, he called the whole crowd to face up to their sin, and he forgave her.

He is here to do the same for us.

A Call to Repentance

We must repent and be reconciled, because we are called to mission, to stand and witness to the reality of the kingdom.

2nd Talk – Deacon Alex Jones (mostly) on Reconcilliation

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