Fr. Mike Schulte on Fatherhood


Fr. Schulte is one of nine kids, one of his younger brothers is a monk at Gesthemani … joined after a tour or two in the military.

He spent three years in the 82nd Airborne (Army), entered the seminary when he was 39.

His dad knew what it meant to be a father, he knew what it meant to be faithful, what it meant to work hard. A great role model.

Why is there so much brokenness in the world? Why … why… WHY?

Clandestine Warfare

The enemy is attacking our city clandestinely, because he’s not strong enough to do so openly. He is focused on the one organization upon which all the others are built … the family, and the person who’s essential to the success of that organization, the husband / father. The city is the Church (Augustine).

Since we are the leaders of our family, we have a bullseye on us. Satan has us marked for extermination.

The CCC references Genesis 183 times … JP2 made beaucoup references in Theology of the Body.

The family is the only organization that is divinely instituted.

Protecting the Family … Our Own Gardens

The world fell when Adam ate the fruit … God came to Adam to lay down what happens next, after the fall. Our spiritual father was asleep at the wheel, he cooperated with evil and invited it into creation.

So human nature fell, we lost the perfection of creation, and we died that day.

There can be no sin where there is no knowledge. Furthermore, sin is imputed where there is authority and responsibility. Therefore, all humanity died through Adam.

Our garden is our family … for a priest, his garden is his parish. We can restore the damage by faithfully tending the garden that has been entrusted to our care.

We have been given this authority by God … not the state, not anyone else … God. We must not sell our birthright for a mess of pottage, as did Esau.

We must assume our responsibility, we cannot back out on that, we cannot push it off on somebody else. If we fail and do not repent, we will be judged as a father.

All sin is masculine (the sins of our fathers …).

If we address this head-on, then many of the problems of society would melt away. Unfortunately all too often we stand by because of our own selfishness.

There would be no vocation crisis if there was not a crisis in fatherhood, no problems in keeping Catholic schools open without that same crisis in fatherhood.

How many of us stand by while our wives destroy their bodies through contraception?

The only way for us to give glory to God is to live the nature that he gave us, which is manhood, to be a good father.

The father is the priest in his family … not the coach!

What We Must Do

Receive the sacraments faithfully, worthily.

Lead your family in faith … pray as a family.

Be active in your parish. St. Joseph is our role model … imitate him and ask for his prayers. When God communicated instructions to the Holy Family who did he tell … St. Joseph.

FInished with dedication to the Eucharistic Prayer for today’s feast of St. Joseph, and a dedication to the Blessed Mother, Mary most holy.

Fr. Mike Schulte on Fatherhood

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