Ken Henderson on Pornography


The third talk is by Ken Henderson, founder of True Knights, an awesome apostolate strengthening men in the faith. As part of his apostolate Ken is a purity coach for men.

His apostolate is focused on purity, particularly the attacks against every member of our families through the media.

He came to this after a debilitating addition to pornography.

He became Catholic in the 90s, but received a poor catechesis and eventually left the Church for paganism, wikka, blah blah. From his bio:

Kenneth Henderson is a husband and father of three young children. He has been blessed with his marriage to his wife, Michelle for 18 years. However, Ken spent most of his life and 13 years of his marriage, lost, self-centered, addicted to pornography, and an inept husband. He knew his life was missing something and he wanted to know the meaning for his life…a meaning he thought he could find all by himself. Then he met God! In one miraculous event, Ken’s whole life was transformed. Jesus Christ took a pathetic soul, in response to a desperate cry, and showed Ken what it meant to be a true husband, father and son. In a journey that would ultimately lead him to the Catholic Church, Ken would come to know that all things are possible with Christ and slavery to the sins of the flesh were not meant to be the destiny of man.

After that he understood that our #1 job is to get our wife and our children to heaven. Period.

The #1 sin confessed is pornography. Satan uses this stuff because it is so destructive of men, as men.

What happens when you cut the head off the body? It dies. That is why Satan attacks the men.

Every computer, every television set is a potential gateway to hell. Pornography is that destructive.

We need to emulate our Lord Jesus … he humbled himself and layed down his life to protect us … we must do the same for our families.

In the middle ages (during the Crusades), before a man became a knight they spent the entire night on their knees before the Blessed Sacrament, with their weapons besides them pledging their lives to defend the Gospel.

In the US pornography is a $15B industry … more than all pro sports together. Worldwide, $55B to $60B … each year. About 200 new porn websites each week.

But it need to be this way.

As JP2 says, the internet is both a blessing and a curse. Porn is part of the obvious curse, but we need to make it a blessing. Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more …

While the sin is not new, technology has made it far, far worse.

Every single woman should be treated as if she was Mary, the Blessed Mother.

Pornography kills a man’s soul, it darkens his intellect.

Jesus answers the prayers of those who seek him, and will pull us out of any addiction if we want it bad enough, if we’ll open the door wide enough.

Satan will attack us the hardest right after giving talks, right after retreats, sometimes right during Mass itself. Man that’s the truth.

We cannot break free on our own … it’s only in total dependence on the Lord, through the power of grace, most effectively delivered through the sacraments.

St. Benedict is the patron saint of spiritual warfare.

Satan tempts us to failure, to defeat, so that we don’t even try. He tempts us to procrastinate, so we’ll just put repentance off and watch all around us die.

But we’re called to stand up and fight, to put all on the line. He’ll honor that and use our willingness to good effect.

Ken Henderson on Pornography

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