Roy Schoeman – Salvation is from the Jews

The second talk of the morning explored the role of the Chosen People in salvation history … particularly appropriate considering that Passover began at sundown, only a few hours later.

salvation_from_jews.gifSo what are the Jews, and what is their role?

At the fall it became necessary for God to incarnate at some point in the future to overwhelm the fall.

God chose the Jews out of all of the peoples of the earth to host the Incarnation, this required a certain separation to be groomed, to understand that there is a singular God, to be given enough theological knowledge and moral training so that all could be ready.

This required the people to be kept separate, so that they could yearn for the coming of the Messiah.

Why did God choose the Jews? Well he had to choose somebody … and he generally chooses the weakest and most unworthy, so that all could know that the gift comes from God, and not the people.

Ezekiel 16: … God compares Israel to an unwanted infant whom he rescues.

Abraham, Isaac Prefigure the Father & Jesus
Also think of the story of Abraham and Isaac, all that came because of Abraham’s obedience to God, his faith.

The mountain that Abraham climbed to sacrifice his only son, which at the time was called Moriah, two thousand years later was known as Mt. Calvary, in which God fulfilled that original sacrifice by providing his only son for the sacrifice.

Compare those two events … the first was a type in many dimensions of our redemption.

The Jews & Jesus
What about the failure of some Jews to recognize Christ?

One the one hand we know that Jesus wanted nothing more than for his fellow Jews to know his salvation. We know that many, many Jews did in fact accept Jesus as the Messiah.

On the other hand, there was a certain mystery to this blindness. Check out Romans 11 … God gave them a spirit of stupor until the full number of the Gentiles could come in, and then they would be saved.

What about this “full number of the Gentiles”?

Luke 21:24

CCC 674 The glorious Messiah’s coming is suspended at every moment of history until his recognition by “all Israel,” for “a hardening has come upon part of Israel” in their “unbelief” toward Jesus

Do the Jews Still Have a Role?
Take a look at the last 2000 years of history.

  1. The continued existence of the Jews
  2. The continual animosity aimed at the Jews by so much of the world
  3. They have a relatively high profile in secular affairs

What can we learn from this period of time, between the first and second comings?

Three streams came together to form the Holocaust.

  1. Occultism. Hitler was personally consecrated to Satan. The Legend of Thule was the origin of the Arayan notion. The head of the Thule Society in Germany at the time testified to having initiated Hitler, which resulted in his opening to demons etc. Occultism permeated Nazism, including the SS. They spent a large percentage of their resources on occult research.
  2. Eugenics. Within 4 months of becoming chancellor Hitler set up a commission to begin a program of eugenics. Selective abortion, infanticide, sterilization, and more. This is tied very deeply to the foundation of Planned Parenthood, via Margaret Sanger. Eg, Sanger drew up plans for concentration camps and recommended them in her official journal, the Birth Control Review.
  3. Sexual Depravity. Nazism was steeped in sexual depravity throughout … but I’m not going to detail the examples here (they’re in the book and elsewhere).

These three forces came straight from the pit of Hell and fueled Nazism.

Why would Satan be so intent on exterminating the Jews if they no longer had a role in salvation history? Roy contends that Satan knows his scripture, and that the second coming is preceded by the conversion of the Jews, so the holocaust was a shot in that direction.

While not totally exterminating the Jews, the Holocaust has slowed down their conversion.

The Role of the Arabs & Nazism
There was a tremendous interplay with Nazism and Islam in the Arab world during WWII. For example, the founder of the Syrian Baath party (remember Sadam Hussein?) openly acknowledged their admiration of Hitler and the Nazis. There’s much more on this topic, but I’ll save it for later.

Wrapping Up
Go back to Paul and Romans 11 … this stumble by the chosen people opened up salvation for the Gentiles. Paul’s central image (grafting on of natural and wild olive branches onto the natural tree) in Romans 11 is a great one for this interplay of the Chosen People and Gentiles in salvation history.

The Christian Jews were finally thrown out of the Jewish community in about AD 130, after a false Messiah (Simon bar Kohkba) led a revolt against Rome. The Christian Jews refused to follow this false Messiah, and so were thrown out of the Jewish communities.


On a personal note, I was really taken by this whole topic and most definitely plan on reading Schoeman’s Salvation is from the Jews as soon as possible!

Roy Schoeman – Salvation is from the Jews

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