Through the Black Wall

A really thoughtful post by eBeth reflecting on her 18 years since being diagnosed with cancer. This riff really jumped out at me:

Cancer brings you face to face with mortality in a way that is startlingly real. For me, it brought an unquenchable thirst to know God, and then, a longing to love and to serve Him. And it was the Church from whom I drank deeply. I am still caught by surprise when I encounter lifetime Catholics who have never thought to read the Catechism, who don’t know what the Magesterium is, who haven’t read a single thing written by John Paul II, or still haven’t taken the time to get to Benedict XVI. Don’t they care? Don’t they know the treasure they have been given? Don’t they want to know why we live and why we die?God himself gave us this Church to shelter us and to teach us and to heal us. Time is short–even if you’re perfectly healthy. God calls you to Him with urgency.

My own trials were very different in nature, to a large extent self-induced, and perhaps a post for another day.

Yet for me the answer has been much the same … drinking deeply from the well of living water (think of the Samaritan woman at the well).

Through the Black Wall

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