Dura Realidad (A Hard Truth)

I have been slow to wake up to the powerful reality of abortion, both it’s impact on the obvious victims as well as the not so obvious – the women and men who’s parenthood is so abruptly cut short, even the society who loses large swaths of it’s intended population.

Last week I talked about an “ah ha” moment about something I’d long known – that each person’s unique DNA is determined at conception – but simply hadn’t thought about too much one way or the other.

Un Video Poderoso de Eduardo V.
I recently ran across a powerful, fairly short video by Eduardo Verastigui. You may know Eduardo as the main actor in Bella, a recent movie that has, against most odds, turned into both an artistic and financial success.

Eduardo achieved quite a bit of success as both a musician and a telenovela (soap opera) star in Mexico, then while working to cross over to English language markets in the US had a major conversion. As a result he abandoned the secular entertainment biz and swore to use his talents to honor God. You can see more here, among other places.

A Powerful Message
Along with a few others he recently made a short video called Dura Realidad, or Hard Truth, concerning abortion, the impact on the hispanic and other minority communities, and this (US) election.

It is well worth a few minutes to watch and reflect. This is the original version in Spanish, with English subtitles and the abortion footage removed.

You can watch the entire video (including the abortion scenes) in both English and Spanish here (both without subtitles).

I’d strongly encourage you to watch at least the embedded version, and consider watching the full, unedited version.

Does This Bother You?
Honestly, I hope so. I have never really run into anyone who wants to see footage from an abortion.

Why is that?

Could it be that most people, regardless of religious, philosophical, or political viewpoints instinctually understand that abortion kills another human being?

I think that is precisely the reason why most folks don’t want to see abortion photos, why some of the most ardent “pro-choice” proponents get so agitated when such photos or videos are shown.

It’s also why so many women, who given a chance to see an ultrasound of the baby within, change their minds from an intended abortion.

Dura Realidad (A Hard Truth)
The reality is beyond gross, it’s an abomination to our very nature as human beings.

Most people can only support abortion in the abstract, not in it’s brutal reality.

Then why do we continue to support abortion? More importantly, how can we?


Dura Realidad (A Hard Truth)

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