Dan Brown’s Latest – Angels & Demons

Well it’s time for round 123,034,234,342 of “the Catholic Church is evil, blah blah blah”.

In The Davinci Code, Dan Brown showed just how low the bar was for factual accuracy in movies that attempt to malign the Catholic Church.

Miss dates by a thousand years? No problem. Make up “ancient documents”. Easy. Create evil monks for organizations that have no monks whatsoever? Already done.

Now he’s back with the same team (Tom Hanks et al) in Angels & Demons, scheduled to open on May 15. Bill Donohue of The Catholic League issued a fascinating little release today.

Here are some highlights:

“John Calley, co-producer with Brian Grazer of both ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and ‘Angels & Demons,’ told the New York Times that the former movie was ‘conservatively anti-Catholic.’ According to the Times, Grazer wants ‘Angels & Demons’ to be ‘less reverential’ than ‘The Da Vinci Code.’

“Less reverential”? Come on, that doesn’t even pass the giggle test.

But what about Brown? The release continues:

Author Dan Brown says of his latest film, ‘It’s certainly not anti-Catholic.’

Anyone want to wager on that one?

Well no surprises so far, but there’s more … Donohue then passes along this interesting story:

… (Father Bernard) O’Connor hung out with the film crew last summer for two days when they were filming in Rome; he was dressed casually, so no one knew he was a priest.

A person self-described as a ‘production official,’ told the Canadian priest that Brown spoke for the majority of those working on the movie when he said, ‘Like most of us, he [Brown] often says that he would do anything to demolish that detestable institution, the Catholic Church.’ He credited the media for the ‘demise’ of the Church. This same person opined that the Catholic Church ‘is humanity’s chief enemy,’ adding that this sentiment is reflective of those in Hollywood.

In a way I doubt that too many people will be surprised. Still, this “self-described ‘production official'” is refreshing in their candor, even if it is under the cloak of anonymity.

Well, it is season of Lent, so I guess we all know what we need to do …

Dan Brown’s Latest – Angels & Demons

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