2009 Catholic Men’s Conference – Deacon Harld Burke-Sivers


Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers is the founder of Aurem Cordis.

The world tells us that freedom is doing what we want … while true freedom is rooted in the obedience of faith.

This is the crux of the battle that we face in the world every day … of everything that the culture is saying to our wives, kids, and ourselves every day.

He then went through a hilarious, pointed series of Q & As with members of the audience.

Here’s the lie underneath all this – everything that the world says will make you happy, peaceful, and fulfilled in reality will only enslave you.

The key to battling this is the sacrament of reconciliation.

He used a good example of a violin string to illustrate the difference between the culture’s idea of freedom and true freedom.

Satan goes after women first because they are the heart of love, because God chose women to play a particular role in the creation of new life.

Imagine what this world would be like if we thought of, and treated every woman the same as the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Oops … I forgot to keep entering this post … this was good!

The best gift we can give to our kids is to love our wives.

The heart of male spirituality comes from the cross … we need to live our lives, our fatherhood, our marriages, from the cross.

2009 Catholic Men’s Conference – Deacon Harld Burke-Sivers

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