2009 Catholic Men’s Conference – Fr. Larry Richards


Fr. Larry Richards started the Reason for Our Hope Foundation,

He started the talk with a “Bible check”. What a great reminder of the daily essential – time in the word of God.

Today he’s going to focus on our need for the sacrament of reconciliation.

The reason why we don’t go to confession is because of pride.

It’s God’s world, he made the rules.

“Obey the rules, live; disobey the rules, die” – Jesus.

The story of the fall (Genesis 3) is a type of our role in the family. We’re called to be the priest in our family – we offer sacrifice, our very lives for our family. Satan has to go through us before he touches our wife or kids.

Sin has great consequences in our lives.

If our only motivation for loving Jesus Christ is to not go to hell, then worship is the ultimate act of selfishness.

However, to be a follower of Jesus Christ is much more. We must die to ourselves, and then we will live in Jesus Christ. Then the real Christian life begins.

Everyone today needs to go to confession. Note that he has a good examination of c conscience on Youtube.

Sins of Commission
The theme song in hell is “I Did It My Way”.

First Commandment – Is God first in your life?

Second Commandment – You shall not use the Lord’s name in vain.

Third Commandment – You shall worship God (attend Mass) every Sunday.

Fourth Commandment – Honor your father and mother.

Fifth Commandment – You shall not kill (this includes anger).

Sixth Commandment – Sins of the flesh

… and so forth.

Sins of Omission
These are the worst sins.

We must tell the people that we love them (1 John 9:15)

Out of time – great talk!

2009 Catholic Men’s Conference – Fr. Larry Richards

One thought on “2009 Catholic Men’s Conference – Fr. Larry Richards

  1. Rick Flores says:

    Bob –

    I know that this is “off-topic”, but I just wanted to comment on the definition of the commandments…

    I believe it is the 5th commandment that is often listed as “Thou shalt not kill.” As I understand it, the technical translation is, “Thou shalt not commit murder.” The reason for the distinction is in the definition of “murder”, which is vital to understanding the intent! Murder requires specific elements: (1) violent anger, (2) sinful intent, and (3) offensive as opposed to defensive action.

    This distinction is important as it totally negates the liberal’s claim that the church as against (1) capitol punishment, (2) self-defense, and (3) military participation. While we must ALWAYS defend innocent life, we are NOT called to be stupid! (Crude comment, but true.)

    In general, the death sentence is unacceptable, but there ARE instances where it is condoned by the church, as well as God! If it is the only way to protect innocent life, it is justified. Sadly, because of the restrictions placed on “imprisonment” and the treatment of prisoners by the ACLU and activist judges, there are more cases where this is required! (How many violent, evil criminals are either out on the streets or setting up “hits” from prison?) What is to be done with terrorists that have vowed to kill all Christians even if they die in the process? Can you imagine the number of deaths that will occur if Obama releases the terrorists presently held by the military?

    I only include these comments because many people are misrepresenting the church’s position (Doctrine) on capitol punishment, AND Obama is distorting the realities associated with terrorism and attracting a lot of Catholics with his lies and distortions! We are in grave danger… (More on that later!)

    God Bless,


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