2009 Catholic Men’s Conference – Jesse Romero


Jesse Romero is a real kick … great choice for the opening speaker.

Telling about his years of kick-boxing competition.

Falling Christ is not for sissies.

The Church is here to bring together the scattered family of Adam and Eve.

David and Goliath
Riffing on 1 Samuel 17 – story of David and Goliath … better than any pay-per-view fight, the truly ultimate cage match.

Notice that once David was anointed (in 1 Samuel 16, King Saul was being harassed by a demo, and the only relief was when David would praise God with singing and lyre.

St. Thomas Aquinas “Fear is the enemy of faith”. When Goliath issued his challenge to the men of Israel, all the men of Israel were afraid.

John Paul 2’s first words as pope were “Do not be afraid”.

David was probably only 12 or 13 at the time of this conflict, but he was fighting with the strength of God.We have to approach our marriages, our jobs, our lives, with the same attitude.

“Go and the Lord be with you” … the same words that King Saul told David as he sent him to battle, are the very words that we hear at the end of each Mass. These are battle words.

When we receive Communion, we appear to be “lions breathing fire” to the enemy – St. John Chysostum, 4th Century.

When we receive Holy Communion, we receive blood transfusions from the Son of God.

The Rosary are the “beads for the battle”.

God does not answer email, he answers “knee mail”.]

Notice that Goliath, who refused to worship God, or even acknowledge his existence, did end up face down before God – a common prayer position for Jews at that time – when he was killed by David.

So like it says in Philippians 2:5-10, “every knee shall bend …”.

Parting Thoughts
This was very cool. Jesse used the battle of David and Goliath as a type of the very spiritual battles in which we all find ourselves, each and every day.

Encouraging indeed.

2009 Catholic Men’s Conference – Jesse Romero

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