A Beautiful Way to Die

Sr. Dorothy Quinn
Sr. Dorothy Quinn

Ok, I’ve got to say it … this is a great article from … from … ok, well it is from the NY Times.

There, I said it.

My genuine surprise aside, this is a seriously gentle and compassionate look at a community of sisters (Sisters of St. Joseph in Rochester, NY) and how they deal with the inevitable consequences of an aging population.

Here is one very pragmatic, yet profound observation from the geriatrician who provides the primary care for many of the sisters in the community:

Dr. McCann said that the sisters’ religious faith insulated them from existential suffering — the “Why me?” refrain commonly heard among those without a belief in an afterlife. Absent that anxiety and fear, Dr. McCann said, there is less pain, less depression, and thus the sisters require only one-third the amount of narcotics he uses to manage end-of-life symptoms among hospitalized patients.

Well worth quiet and gentle reflection, particularly on how these women deal with such a difficult and complicated process with such grace, dignity, and even joy.

Hope in the face of pain and grief.

Beautiful, just beautiful.

Thanks to Rich Leonardi for posting this on his Ten Reasons blog.

A Beautiful Way to Die

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