Fr. Bill Casey – What do you know about Marriage?

Fr. Bill Casey

Fr. Bill Casey gets the “after lunch” talk … great choice to combat the carbo-induced dullness that can happen…

Hold on!

The defense of marriage … one of the most pressing issues of our day. All things related to this.

Now we see all the rotten fruits of the new attitudes towards marriage and all things sexuality … exactly as predicted in Humana Vitae in 1966.

Married couples now under 50% of American couples. This is a sociological time bomb.

All of us have the most grave and moral obligation to defend the sancitty of marriage – the most attacked institution in society today, second only to the Church itself.

The redefinition of marriage is precisely in the crosshairs of many – gay activists and more.

Yet it cannot be done, despite the persecution that the Church (and ourselves who stand up with her) will inevitably undergo.

The supreme gift of marriage is a human person (CCC). God expects our gift to be a an example of the marriage of God and his Church.

This is going to become one of the defining issues of our day. What will we do about this? How will America respond?

Fr. John Hardon (the greatest dogmatic theologian of the 20th century)  “we get in trouble when we tell God to go away and mind his own divine business.”

This is precisely what dissenting Catholics have been saying for years … and look at the fruits.

We all have a stake in this battle, since the state of marriage and family life because peoples, nations, cultures, and civilizations stand or fall, live or die on the state of marriage and the family.

History has proven this time and time again. No great civilization has ever survived the downfall of marriage and the family. That is why the Church will always have a stake in this fight.

The family is the “domestic church” – St. Augustine.

“Without God, man will revert back to barbarism in three generations” – St. John Vianney, the Cur ‘d Ars.

“The most fundamental mission for the Church is the renewal of family life.. we are living in a moment of history when the family is the object target of numerous forces who seek to destroy it.” JP2 Familias Consortio.

No peace in the family, no peace in society.

This is done by Satan one argument at a time, infidelity, curelty, and so forth.

“In this culture today adultery has taken on the status of indoor sport” Bishop of Rockford, IL.

Adultery is a mortal sin, it’s a cold-bledded killer … kills marriage, the life of grace, trust in a marriage, and ultimately the souls.

One of the devil’s primary objectives is to get us fighting with our spouses. If we don’t pray together then we will be extremely setup for this, especially if we make the fatal mistake of expecting perfection from our spouse.

Sowing the seeds of discontent, discord, and ultimately destruction of a marriage.

Pride is a deadly poison in marriage, and facilitates this discord.

The only weapon in response is the grace of the sacrament, accessed by praying together.

This is a matter of life and death … for individuals, for families, for society, and for our nation as a whole.

This began in earnest with the so-called “sexual revolution” of the 1960s, when the connection between sex and life was broken.

Contraception was the great enabler of this mindset.

80% of the sexual relationships depicted in television and films are outside of marriage.

Leading causes of divorce: adultery, alcoholism, and then money.

At the root of all this is pride, egotism, lust, and so forth. This all leads to the single greatest destroyer of marriage … the lack of forgiveness, rooted in pride.

That is why marriage must be a sacrament … so that marriage may be even possible.

Healing in marriage so often can begin in humility.

What did Jesus say about marriage?

Matthew 19:4 “have you not read that from the beginning … what God has joined together no human being can separate…”

The best thing that a man can do for his kids is to love their mother, and vice-versa. Walk with God, get each other to heaven.

Arch. Fulton Sheen wrote the classic “Three to Get Married”. True marriage is from God … not the state, not the Church, not even just the spouses … but from God.

A covenant … not just a contract, or an agreement, an arrangement … but a covenant.

An attitude that is anything less than this does not make for a valid assent to marriage. Marriage must be permanent.

Why? Because it is inexorably tied in with the gift of life, a permanent gift.

In any culture in where there is widespread divorce and remarriage, such a society will begin to unravel in two or three generations. That process is well underway for America.

Charity is loving the way God does.

“Love means what is truly best for others, for truly best for your neighbor and especially for those that you love.” – St. Thomas Aquinas.

Therefore, the first desire that we should have for our spouse and kids is to get them to heaven.

Malachi 2:13-16 “The altar of the Lord you cover with tears …for I hate divorce says the Lord your God” (condemn adultery, divorce, and more).

Sirach “Worst of all wounds is that of the heart”.

God hates the divorce because of the scars and damage done to those that he loves .. in other words, all of the people involved.

Children often leave the Church because they did not see the love in their home, and also because of scandal.

Kids without fathers … 3 x more likely to be expelled from school, … from Our Sunday Visitor last year.

24% of divorced women live below the poverty line, outside of divorce only 1%.

This is what happens without good men, men of virtue, men of faith.

Eph 5: “Out of reverence for Christ, …husbands love your wives even as Christ loved the Church…this is a great mystery, but I speak in reference to Christ and his Church.”

Couple of points about this verse. First, what does this say to women?  Have the humility to accept this as designed.

Men will be strictly accountable for this responsibility. How did Christ love the Church? He DIED FOR HER. This might be as simple as dying to ourselves, to selfishness, to our critical spirit, criticism, lack of kindness, …. that all must go. We must die to sin and be the holy men that God calls us to be.

Marriage must be total, mutual, self-giving with openness to come what may. This is the concept of self-donation, sacrificial self-giving, may mean the way of the cross.

The test of true love will come in the “come what mays” of life. The gift of life, a debilitating disease, the faults, the hard times, …

Time is running short. God is calling us to be strong, Godly men who will not only keep the faith, but we must defend the faith.

“Marriage is one man, one woman, with God for life”. St. John Chrysostum.

Fr. Bill Casey – What do you know about Marriage?

3 thoughts on “Fr. Bill Casey – What do you know about Marriage?

  1. jocelyn says:

    Father B Casey-
    after my Confession today in St Martha, i was so Grateful i did…
    My Marriage is a Big Conflict, i dont want to separate again, i want to give a good example my 3 daughters, that Marriage is Patience needed until forever, i want to correct my Big mistakes…and show to them that Marriage is forever…and if I Ask God for Guidance, if my purpose is Goodness, God will Give Me The Way…For God Theres No Impossible….In Marriage ..Theres Always Hope…I have Strong Faith of GOD The Almighty, Now…He Will Give Me The Way…Sooner or Later….For GOD Is Love….
    Thank You Very Much Father Casey…My Friend from St Peter will attend tomorrow evening…and i Wish My Daughter which is at St Peter School will be in your Confession. Please, Pray For Us…God Bless Us…..

  2. jocelyn says:

    Father Casey,
    I am Praying To GOD with All My Heart, that One Day He Will Give me the Guidance that My Marriage will Be Blessed, and that i will receive the Sacrament of Marriage, one day…. as Long as i Still Live….
    For the Sake of My Children…As a Good Model….despite of My Big Mistake in the Past….Please Pray for Us All….Thank You very Much.

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